Loving: Sia’s Chandelier

Here’s my new favorite song, just in time for your week to start. This is a rare song that is high-energy, yet melancholy. I think I’ve listened to it 25 times since last night. Plus, the music video is gorgeous.

Sia – Chandelier

Happy Sunday!


Loving: Lily Allen L8 CMMR

Happy Monday! I am struggling through this day. The warm temps this weekend have my brain fooled into thinking it is vacation time, and each task in a ever-increasingly-busy work schedule is just getting harder and harder!

However, I remembered (just in time) that good jams will get me through. Today’s jam that I am loving: Lily Allen’s track “L8 CMMR” which was recently featured on an episode of GIRLS.

Lily Allen – L8 CMMR – Girls Soundtrack Vol. 2

It makes me want to buy a fabulous new spring dress (a la Hannah this season) and bounce around my office. Until I can do so, the beat is adding some much-needed productivity to my day. Enjoy 🙂

October Recap – Pottery, Happy Hours, and Music

Hey there! It’s a Sunday night here in Arlington, which is the perfect time to reflect on this weekend and the past few weeks. It’s been a whirlwind. Here we goooo!

  • Last week, M and I painted pottery at All Fired Up in Cleveland Park. My handiwork is shown below. If you haven’t been to All Fired Up, check it out! For some reason I’m always inspired to go in the fall. The studio is cozy, never too crowded, and they let you BYOB any night of the week and just hang out.

Arlington Darling | my pottery teardrop bowl

  • When we went to pick up the pottery the following week, oh but what a coincidence…Pulpo was having its half-price wine night a few doors down! Not only is this an amazing deal that lasts all night, but their regular happy hour isn’t a bad deal either. The small plates are, well, small, but delicious – and the bartender on shift on Wednesdays is a total sweetheart (case in point: he poured M an extra half a glass of beer because he noticed that I still had wine left and thought M should have something to drink while he waited for “the lil’ lady” to finish. Cuteness).
  • The next night, I tried Duke’s Grocery with N. They have a small and adorable converted rowhouse in Dupont with craft beers and craft sandwiches described on chalkboard menus. N got the bahn mi and reported that it was delicious, and I got the snapper tacos which were perfectly proportioned and perfectly cooked. Mostly, I enjoyed the casual vibe (they didn’t bat an eye that we were loaded down with bags and I had obviously just come from running). They have lunch, too – but no takeout apparently.
  • Thennn (tired, yet?) the next night I enjoyed happy hour with an old friend from college at an old standby, Ping Pong Dim Sum. Ya’ll know all about this place since I’ve written about it before, but the new twist which I had to share is that they’ve updated their specialty cocktail menu to include a chocolate & tobacco old fashioned (picture below) and a honeysuckle margarita. Yum.Arlington Darling | chocolate and tobacco old-fashioned

Okay, I know I’m throwing a lot at you, so hang in there, it’ll be worth it I promise – and I’m almost done!

  • The next adventure was breakfast at Buffalo & Bergen in Union Market. Although this place promises amazing drinks, I’ve only ever had the bagels. I’m extremely passionate about good bagels (coughbornandraisedinNewJerseyobvicough) and these are just OK, but they really hit the spot when you’ve just biked a few miles and are hungry in the morning and need fuel to tackle the rest of the market. I like their everything bagel with cream cheese – classic. And next time I vow to sample B&B’s knishes and report back.
  • And last but not least, M and I caught a show at Hill Country BBQ on Saturday night. The 19th Street Band was playing, and we had a blast watching them! They did mostly country music covers, but the singing and instrument-playing was top notch. The place was packed! Plus, it was free. Definitely going to visit Hill Country for music again soon.

Whew :). Hope you enjoyed the recap and will forgive me for my prolonged absence. More to come soon on bunny rabbits, lavender farms, cooking, and brewing beer in the country – in other words, fall adventures continue!

Loving: Mumford and Sons (Late to the Party)

I am more than fashionably late to the Mumford & Sons party but I am a most enthusiastic party guest. One of my friends who I went hiking with this weekend recommended that I give them a listen, and it may have been the rolling West Virginia scenery or my peaceful, worn-out-from-hiking-11-miles frame of mind, but I was loving the folksy sound.

So far, I’m working my way through Sigh No More, and getting comfortable with Mumford’s earlier sounds before moving to last year’s release, Babel. So far, my favorite tracks are:

If you’re already a Mumford fan, the ladies at TIOJ recommend listening to Trampled by Turtles for a similar vibe.

Happy Monday!

Loving: Ice Skating in the Garden

Last night I went ice skating in the National Sculpture Garden! It was a lot of fun – the rink was very large and well-maintained, it was decorated with twinkly lights, and the whole effect of skating serenely at night in the middle of where there is usually a big fountain and lots of tourists was surreal in a good way. Yes, it was a little cold, and my ankles are definitely feeling it this morning…and the whole time G, N, and I were really just thinking about how we wished it were a summer Friday afternoon and we were lounging on a blanket drinking sangria listening to jazz, but all in all it was a good experience. Good enough to even start calling it “Winter JING.”

Plus, on Thursday nights they have a cool DJ! They call it “DJs in the Garden: Spin, Cut, and Groove.” The description on the National Gallery of Art’s website reads: “The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink introduces the new evening event DJs in the Garden: Spin, Cut, & Groove. Even with a chill in the air this winter, skaters can warm up every Thursday night (6:00–9:00 p.m.) with a different guest DJ spinning popular music from the 1960s through today—hip-hop, R&B, disco, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, and more. Skaters are welcome to make requests and twirl across the ice to their favorite tunes.”

How cool is that? It added a different kind of spin to ice skating (which I feel like is usually done to the musical accompaniment of Christmas carols). I even got comfortable enough on the skates to attempt to dance to some of the music — sort of. Mostly I just waved my arms and tried to look cool and not fall.

Check it out every Thursday night through February 28th!