Three Blondes Make a Quorum, or, The Time We Found Religion at Happy Hour

Back in November (wow it has been a WHILE. Happy new year, everyone!), the blondes went to Bar Charley for happy hour. It’s been on our must-go list since it opened in the fall, plus we were looking for a fun place to entertain G’s friend from out of town. Although C was missing due to work travel (boo), we had 3 blondes out of the 4 – that’s a quorum, right?

Long story short, we LOVED Bar Charley. A few important highlights:

· Monday is all-night happy hour. Many places in DC do a deal like this on Mondays or Tuesdays (personally, I never understood this concept – I’m an equal opportunity happy-hour-er and all days of the week are acceptable to me, but if bars want to subsidize my Monday or Tuesday drinking that’s fine by me). Also, happy hour specials were available at the tables! That’s rare – usually you’ll find the specials are only available in the bar area.

· Happy hour specials include $5 mixed drinks on tap. We tried both offerings and they were amazing – nice and strong and not overly sweet (the Mai Tai in particular was fantastic).

· On Mondays, happy hour specials include half-priced sandwiches.** Yay! We tried the regular burger and the tuna burger. G and N debated the possibility that the regular burger was the best they’d ever had. I can’t vouch for that, but I will say that the tuna burger was very delicious and unique. I’ve had a salmon burger before, but this was my first time eating a tuna burger. It was made from ahi tuna and came with seaweed slaw, which made me think of sushi. Mmmm. I would definitely get it again. Plus, all the burgers came with salt and vinegar potato chips – homemade, paper-thin, and with just a hint of vinegar. They were perfection – and I’m not a big potato chip person.

· The server was very nice and they kept the water glasses full. Plus, there was a great and laid-back vibe in the entire place. Basically it was the perfect laid-back happy hour for a crowd – food options, drink options, seating options, and good service.

· And last but not least, last night marked the second time that we took the seat of an owner. At Bar Charley, we eyed the front corner window booth and waited until the owner finished up his (or her? Couldn’t see) drink and then snatched up the booth for ourselves. Recall that at a previous restaurant club, Mike Isabella offered C and I his barstool. The 4 blondes, man…we apparently scare the crap out of restaurant owners?

Oh, and I guess I should explain the “time we found religion” title. As we neared the end of the second round of drinks, we started discussing the influence of religion in our upbringings. G and I went to Catholic school growing up, and admittedly it had a big influence on us. One thing led to another, and at one point after finishing our food I recited a Hail Mary for N. G restrained from chiming in because, well, then it might have gotten a little creepy. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the prayers, but we all had a spiritual experience at Bar Charley – we’re converts and we’ll be back.