Looking Forward to Winter Recipes

It’s Sunday night and I’m looking forward to what I’m going to cook this week! Since the temperatures have dropped and look like they’re officially going to stay there, I’m looking forward to make some winter-y meals.

Photo Credit Shutterbean – Tuscan Ribollita

Chopped Apple Salad with Toasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese and Pomegranate Vinaigrette: I made this for book club a few weeks ago, and although I generally feel that cold lettuce leaves do not make a meal, I really liked the rich flavors in this salad. It helped to make the dressing from scratch (although I eliminated the pomegranate) – can’t go wrong when you do that. And of course, I added plenty of extra blue cheese!

Quick and Easy Tofu with Ramen Noodles: I like this method of cooking tofu (searing it without the trouble of pressing and marinating it beforehand), and of course I’m going to love anything with noodles. Hey, my half-marathon might be over, but I’m still going to carb-load. How else will I stay warm in winter?!

Red Quinoa Salad with Spicy Lime Vinaigrette: I love lime, I love spicy food, and I love quinoa. This salad looks like it has some great cold weather ingredients (pumpkin, etc.) and some unique flavor combinations.

Tuscan Ribollita: Shutterbean is one of my favorite food blogs. It’s the first one I started reading with any regularity, and the recipes that she posts are realistic yet comforting and gorgeous all at the same time. I think N and I made this Ribollita soup recipe a few years ago – when we didn’t have a big soup pot so we had to make the recipe in two small saucepans. I now have a huge soup pot and look forward to making this rich, almost stew-like soup again. Yummy Italian flavors, served warm, with a big hunk of bread and hearty, healthy ingredients? Can’t go wrong.

What are you making as the weather changes?


Maybe its because its Friday…?

Happy Friday! Here’s a riddle for you (hint: it isn’t a real riddle, I was just really confused):

An office visitor just asked me in the kitchen where they could find some ice. So I opened the freezer and there was a big bucket of ice sitting there. They got some and said thanks and left. What am I missing about their initial quest to find ice that somehow went wrong…?

Partying and the Bechdel Test

It’s getting late, so a quick post tonight :).

I loved reading about Sweden’s new movie ratings. For a movie to receive an “A” rating under the new system, it must have: 1) two female characters who 2) talk to each other about 3) anything other than men. It’s a rough metric but I love the idea of it. Women’s presence in media, particularly in the more static form of film (vs. media such as TV or even social media) hasn’t changed much in the past few decades, and its time we realize it. Many of my favorite movies don’t meet this criteria, and what message is that sending?

And on a much less serious note, I identified completely with Cosmo’s Stages of Partying by Age. I’m not sure that the pre-teen years align with my experience, but my post-college Arlington years definitely align. Vodka cranberries at Public, anyone? Napoleon in our “high, painful shoes”? And then Napoleon in our flats. And then, not Napoleon at all except on very special occasions when we buy…wait for it…overly priced vodka cranberries (‘scuse me, vodka sodas now because we are, like, so mature and serious). Age 26’s classy cheese parties definitely happened this year. I’ll have to keep you posted about 27+ though, haven’t gotten there yet ;).

Happy hump day!