Loving: The VS Incredible Sports Bra

Confession: I love Victoria’s Secret bras. I know they’re not the most moral company (see controversies), and all of their marketing has just a hint (just a little hint) of portraying women as sex objects. Plus they are just so cheesy! Somehow sexy and cheesy can be combined, yes.

But for someone who is an average-sized American woman (literally the average size – I’m not trying to say that I’m “normal”) with a larger chest, VS has a good range of sizes and style options. You do get what you pay for with them – the more expensive a bra, the better the support is. They have decent cheap bras, but for the real coverage and support that’s gonna put up with you, you gotta go big or go home.

That’s why when I was browsing in the downtown store the other day, I picked up their “Incredible” sports bra. They promised maximum coverage, and boy did I get it. It has an underwire, which it has taken me far too long to discover is absolutely key (even in swimwear!). I wore it on my long training run yesterday and loved it! I felt totally secure and had no pain afterwards. It’s my new running bra – I don’t know if I can go back to my old ones. And, though the $50 price tag might seem like a lot, consider Lululemon’s comparable options – between $68-$88! Ridiculous.

Arlington Darling | VS Incredible Sports Bra

Plus, it’s hot pink. What’s not to love? I am actually looking forward to my next run so I can wear it again – silly me, but hey, it’s what gets ya goin’, right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Loving: The VS Incredible Sports Bra

  1. So I went to Victoria secret today. … The incredible sports bra is $25!! More than 50% off! I bought 4…. couldn’t resist. They might have them in your local vs too! Christmas deals!

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