Review: Ghibellina

I joined my girl bros (yea, that’s right – I just made that up. girl bros.) this evening for a lovely happy hour at a brand-new spot. Although 14th Street seems like it has a new restaurant or bar opening each week, I am very excited about the recent influx of Italian places – such as Piola and Etto.

Tonight we tried Ghibellina. They have a great happy hour deal, assuming you work downtown (yay, I finally do!) and can get there between 4:30-6:30. They serve wine for $5, beer at various price points (confession…did not pay much attention to the beer), and cocktails for $6. I had the Estate in Toscana – delicious and not too sweet!

Ghibellina | Arlington Darling

Then…the PIZZA. Obviously the pizza. Again, during happy hour they have a great special, with pies under $10. The three of us split 2 pies and it was the perfect amount of food for an early dinner (confession #2…we got Pitango gelato afterwards though). We tried the Margherita di Bufala and the Olive e Carciofi. N and C liked the plain one best, but for once I actually preferred the specialty pizza. I just couldn’t resist the smoky mozzarella and olive flavor!

Ghibellina | Arlington Darling

Highly recommend this spot for happy hour, and I’m excited to return for dinner – the regular menu looks like it has some really unique Italian style dishes. If they’re anything like the pizzas, I’m in. The service and ambiance were great, too.

Ghibellina | Arlington Darling


Ghibellina | Arlington Darling


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