Loving: My new ottoman! But what about a tray?

Today my long-coveted ottoman has finally arrived. It is everything I dreamed – perfect for putting feet on, tufted, neutral color, and classy. Here it is in my apartment:

Ottoman | Arlington Darling

Now to accessorize my ottoman I must, of course, have a tray! I had my eye on some lacquered trays at C Wonder and Etsy, but alas upon closer inspection they ranged from $110 to over $400! No thank you.

So now I’m between two much cheaper options. Which one do you think I should get – the fun, modern clear acrylic tray that I could customize with ever-changing scrapbook paper or fabric in the bottom? Or the plainer wooden tray in the pretty coral color for half the price?

Coral 12 x 12 Painted Wood Square Serving Tray Home Decor Coffee Table Office Home Organization Party Decorative Centerpiece Wedding Table







Would love your opinions!


One thought on “Loving: My new ottoman! But what about a tray?

  1. A) I LOVE your ottoman. B) Which tray did you go with? If you haven’t yet decided, I vote coral! You can still change the bottom of it to add pizzazz and change things up. You really can’t go wrong with either of them though.

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