Things that Annoy Me About Pinterest: A List

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I really, really love Pinterest. I maintain my 3,500 pins with special care, hoping that one day I’ll have a personal stylist and interior designer at my disposal so that I can just send them a link to my boards and say, “This is me. Go.”

Until that day comes, I use Pinterest for recipe inspiration, hairstyle ideas, craft/DIY instructions, and to collect pretty images (cats! twinkly lights! Paris! more cats!). Pretty much the same way that most people use it.

But I do admit that sometimes I get annoyed by Pinterest. Or, more accurately, I get annoyed at the things that people pin. People just don’t think before they pin! Take these pins, for example:

Picture of beautiful model with large, bold, colorful tattoo. The description is always, “beautiful, want this tattoo.” Do you? Do you really? Or do you just want to be 19 again and tan and skinny? Yea. I thought so. I am in the market for a tattoo myself, but I only pin things that I would realistically get and would look good on my body and fit my lifestyle.

“Pinata cookies! Want to make!”

Pinata cookies. Yes, those pinata cookies are adorable, and very creative. If you’re pinning them to say, “wow those are very creative, never would have thought of that”, then fine. If you’re actually thinking about making them, stop. Just stop. They will take 7+ hours and will not turn out at all like the picture. Your efforts are better spent making something else yummy and homemade and then going and spending quality time with the person you were going to make those crazy cookies for.


Bra phone holder. No. Assuming (big assumption) that the type of shirt you are wearing even allows access to that area of your bra (try it right now – I bet you can’t manage it), with how often we all check our phones, this complex operation isn’t even practical. Plus, coming from personal experience, it is possible to irreversibly damage your phone with sweat. So just think about that before you stick your phone in your armpit. The creators cite that they made this product for “all the girls who lose their phones or credit cards after a night out”…I’m willing to bet those phones and credit cards didn’t jump out of a normal purse and run away on their own, but got left on a table or bar when their owner took them out — and the same thing would happen if those girls wore this. Fail.

“The Emergency Workout is designed to help you slim down FAST in just 8-weeks. Super intense workouts with a lot of variety help you make serious progress in a hurry.”

Magic workout routine – pick one, any one: 5 days to flat abs? 10 minute toner? Morning magic muscle builder? Honestly what is the deal with pinning all of the workout routines?! Some people do find them inspirational – and I agree that seeing toned abs and arms in the Pinterest images as I scroll through late at night, munching on white cheddar popcorn, makes me want to put down the popcorn. Just a little. But if you spent half the time actually doing the exercises as you did pinning them, you’d be in baller shape by now. People – find a workout you like and stick to it – pinning 200+ different miracle-promising exercise pins doesn’t get you into shape any faster.

The “Healthy” Milkshake, Oreo, Cake, Brownie, Snickers Bar Extravaganza. As someone who eats vegan cheese (occasionally, and I’m not very happy about it), I completely understand the urge to “substitute” something healthy in a recipe for something unhealthy, or to try and reinvent an old favorite with healthier, grown-up ingredients. But at some point, it gets a little ridiculous. Even if your Shamrock Shake healthy copycat recipe is less caloric and less fattening than the original, can it really be called “healthy?” It’s still a milkshake. Let’s be thoughtful in our use of the term “healthy.”

Did I get all the annoying ones? What are some pins that drive you crazy?


3 thoughts on “Things that Annoy Me About Pinterest: A List

  1. People repinning without editing text. “Garrrrsh my family loves these little uns and we make them every day!!!!!!!!!$#3453!!11! My boys eat em and eat em and they help out ;00)))) !!!” posted by a single, 22-year-old friend.

  2. Ugh SO true about the magic health shortcuts. Trust me if all it took was doing a simple routine that takes no more than 10 minutes every morning and every night my body would be smokin.

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