Life on the Orange Line is about to get sweeter…

After months of waiting, I have finally learned what will happen to my commute when the silver line opens in December.

This article provides a fantastic (and very clear) overview of what changes will impact Metro riders when the silver line opens. I just have to borrow their map and include it here, because it is so cool. Great way to graphically represent the changes to the trains:

If you’re like me and you live on the orange line in Arlington, you’ll see more trains during rush hour – both to and from downtown! And what’s even sweeter is that during off-peak times (weeknights and weekends), you’ll also see an increase in trains coming from the silver line. No more 20+ minute waits, I hope!

What’s a bit of a bummer for me (but for very few other people) is that since I work out in Fairfax (i.e., Narnia), my number of rush hour trains coming home from work at night decreases from 17 trains per hour to only 11 (for math geeks, that’s an approximate increase in wait time of a minute and a half, or a 50% increase). Grr.

But if I can have the shorter wait times on weekends and coming back home from my happy hours in the city on weeknights, overall I’m a happy camper. Silver line, you can’t get here soon enough!


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