Loving: Thought Catalog’s Questions on Dating

Oh, Thought Catalog. I’ve said it before (and before), but you are a place where magical writers come out of the woodwork – erm, I mean out of the interwebs – and say exactly, exactly, what I am thinking. I can’t get enough.

Take this latest article, for example: 7 Questions About Dating You Wish You Could Ask. While the author of the article provides some witty, well-written, and heart-breakingly honest answers to these questions, I’ve added my own commentary, because let’s face it – if you clicked on that link to read that article, you are in the dating pool like myself and every little piece of extra advice and opinion counts (and totally makes things more clear! Totally. No girl matrix at all.).

  1. TC Q: Why don’t people call back after an awesome date sometimes? KL A: Because he either didn’t like you, or couldn’t bring himself to stop playing Nintendo 64 for a minute to figure out that you’re awesome and he should do something called trying. Either way, not a winner.
  2. TC Q: How do you actually declare that you are dating? KL A: No effing clue. DTRing (defining the relationship, for those of you out of the dating loop) is impossible to figure out, totally scary, and turns out wrong half the time anyway. This is coming from a woman who once said, “I like you, you dipshit, you know that right?” as a way of trying to DTR. Good stuff.
  3. TC Q: When is it appropriate to start integrating friend groups? KL A: Well since I’m still expecting my life to turn out exactly like a Hollywood movie, I will one day magically start dating my best guy friend (who hasn’t turned up yet but I expect he will once I get my leading-lady wardrobe of Louboutins and Chanel). So integrating friend groups won’t be a problem.
  4. TC Q: What does it mean if you don’t actually go out on “dates?” KL A: This is really closely related to the DTR question. At some point, couples make a transition between “want to meet up for drinks and dinner?” and “I’m coming over tonight.” In college that was a lot different, so… I’m pretty much stumped on how that works in the real world.
  5. TC Q: Is there such a thing as “too many dates?” KL A: This question strikes me as a little pathetic (no judgment! okay, maybe a little judgment – sorry TC). Um, no, not if you’re enjoying yourself. If you’re settling, that’s different. Next question.
  6. TC Q: What do you do if your friend is dating an asshole? KL A: Put on a brave face and deal with it because you have been in her shoes, and you will probably be there again. People need to make their own mistakes sometimes. Let her ride it out (pun intended). Be there for her when it falls apart. You don’t have to step in and do anything – it’ll fall apart on its own.
  7. TC Q: At what point am I the problem? KL A: When you think you have the real answer to all of these questions because you’re coupled up/engaged/married. Otherwise, if you’re still totally confused, you’re doing just fine :).

3 thoughts on “Loving: Thought Catalog’s Questions on Dating

  1. Number 1 is so so true. People are shockingly adverse to trying, even when it will get them what they want. (Oh wait, that’s me and exercise…my gym and I are in a long-distance relationship and rarely see each other.)

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