Go Teddy Go

As any local baseball fan knows, last year Teddy Roosevelt broke his losing streak in the presidential races at Nationals Park. It was the first time he had won one of the races in over 500 races, which is pretty impressive. Definitely not his #1 achievement as a U.S. President, but pretty close :). I can’t wait to see the Nationals play again this year, and hopefully I get to see Teddy win again, too.

Sharing in the Teddy spirit, I wanted to post a quote from one of his memorial tablets on Roosevelt Island (which is a gorgeous little spit of land on the Potomac between Rosslyn, the Kennedy Center, and Georgetown). I was there the other day and thoroughly enjoyed the Teddy Roosevelt memorial. As part of the memorial there are four tablets (you can see two in the image below) expressing Teddy’s philosophy on manhood, youth, nature, and the nation. I particularly enjoyed the quotes on the “youth” tablet and wanted to share them with you.

YOUTH Memorial Tablet

I want to see you game, boys, I want to see you brave and manly, and I also want to see you gentle and tender.

Be practical as well are generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground. 

Courage, hard work, self-mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful life.

Alike for the nation and the individual, the one indispensable requisite is character.

Original Source for Quotes: Address at Friends School, Washington, DC, May 24, 1907; Speech at Prize Day Exercises at Groton School, Groton, MA, May 24, 1904; America and the World War, 1915; American Ideals, 1897.

Teddy, here’s to more victories at Nationals park in 2013! Go Teddy go!


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