Update on 2013 Money-Saving

At the beginning of the new year, I wrote a post about 25 ways to save money in 2013. We’re almost in mid-February now, and it’s a good time to check in on progress. How are you doing? Is your savings goal still relevant? What tips are working well and which ones seem too hard to keep up? I’ll share my own successes and failures…

I resisted the online shopping sales by auto-sorting all of my emails from J. Crew, Banana, and Ann Taylor into my archive folder. Success!

I’ve been unable to stick to just one drink at happy hour…but I was able to stick to only two on multiple occasions. Partial success.

I haven’t used any coupons. Failure.

I had to adjust my savings goal down to be more modest. I have a new housing situation which requires a bigger rent budget, so I won’t be able to save as much money as I thought I would this year. On the other hand, I am being realistic and adjusted my goal as appropriate. So…partial failure.

I cancelled a zipcar reservation and decided to walk the two miles to a real estate workshop. Success! (Saved $40, plus free exercise!).

I haven’t created a travel budget yet, and I’m dreading it. There are so many places I want to go, and this year I want to be adventurous and spontaneous! Plus I have a lot of vacation time (almost 6 weeks) and I want to put it to good use. Failure.

I regularly g-chat JJ to talk about saving, which has helped me to keep saving top-of-mind and get inspired. Success!

I’m encouraged by my successes so far, and I feel pretty good that I’ve made it to February and still have all of this momentum to save. How’s the saving going for you?


2 thoughts on “Update on 2013 Money-Saving

  1. I bought a dress I really love and feel good about that! I’ve brought lunch (or eaten at home) every work day so far…and having food around means I make dinner a lot more too. I’ve been working on decluttering my apartment and have thus far sold three books for about $20 total. Additionally, I have a pile of stuff to take to the consignment store. Also, I used THREE coupons today – one at Michael’s (where I bought stuff to make Valentines…also savings there) and two at CVS where I bought delicious and nutritious snacks for my desk. Finally, I have a carpool buddy now who has agreed to pitch in on gas.

    Sorry, just had to brag!

    In other news, you have six weeks of vacation time?!?!

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