Loving: Inspirational Quote from Mama L

When I’m feeling down, I look back on an email from my mother. I think at the time, I was freaking out about my housing situation, my job, hating everyone…you know, the usual mid-twenties drama. In particular, I think I was venting to her that I was worried that I’d never figure it out, that I’d never discover the meaning of my life, and that I’d never reach my goals without some kind of divine intervention. Constantly worrying me is the idea that I’m wasting away the best years of my life (or were those supposed to be high school?) and all of my money flipping around from bar to bar and friend to friend and roommate to roommate (and from guy to guy, though Mama L and I don’t really discuss those things), not really being a full adult yet. I grew up Catholic so I have a lot of guilt that I’m not living up to my fullest potential, that I’m letting others (and myself) down — all that happy stuff.

So given the recent explosion of advice and inspirational articles directed toward twenty-somethings (here, here, here, and here), I thought I’d share my own simple quote from my mom to help get us through:

Aaaahhh my little bambino: do not rush your life…you WILL eventually have all you wish for! As for now? No guilt! Enjoy life! When you are 40 I will not be repeating this!!

My favorite part is “when you are 40 I will not be repeating this.” So I have a 15-year free pass to be a total waste of life but by the age of 40, I’d better have it all figured out. Hope I can manage it by then or I might go insane. As for now, no guilt – enjoy life :).


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