Happens all the time…

When someone comes to me for relationship advice:

True story.


Loving: Mumford and Sons (Late to the Party)

I am more than fashionably late to the Mumford & Sons party but I am a most enthusiastic party guest. One of my friends who I went hiking with this weekend recommended that I give them a listen, and it may have been the rolling West Virginia scenery or my peaceful, worn-out-from-hiking-11-miles frame of mind, but I was loving the folksy sound.

So far, I’m working my way through Sigh No More, and getting comfortable with Mumford’s earlier sounds before moving to last year’s release, Babel. So far, my favorite tracks are:

If you’re already a Mumford fan, the ladies at TIOJ recommend listening to Trampled by Turtles for a similar vibe.

Happy Monday!

Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day!

Since we don’t have the day off, some enterprising coworkers of mine decided to make the day fun and have a presidential potluck. Basically, we had a potluck lunch and voted on our favorite U.S. Presidents. Our results were:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Thomas Jefferson

We spent a while talking about the merits of past presidents, including Taft (stuck in a bathtub), van Buren (first president born on American soil), Monroe (the Monroe doctrine), JFK (handled the Cuban missle crisis), and Truman (a man who stood by tough moral decisions). Not to make light of our important history, but these were some impressive dudes. I bantered with a coworker about her favorite, but I truly believe that no matter who my coworkers voted for, they couldn’t have made a poor choice – all of these men led our country and deserve our respect. I feel really proud and American – and I’m proud of my coworkers for taking the time to network with each other and be dorks and learn something, too :).

Which president do you think I voted for??

The joys of moving, and learning something new

As I alluded to earlier this week, I recently moved into a new apartment! It’s the perfect change for me right now, and I couldn’t be happier.

However, that did mean a lot of moving, packing, and figuring out what was mine. I’d lived in my previous place for almost 4 years and the amount of stuff that accumulated…my god. I was very lucky that prior roommates (here’s looking at you, Dee) had left things behind for me to keep so I didn’t have to buy a ton of new stuff. Like the bathmat! Always need one of those. And the TV stand, and some art! Score. But it did mean that condensing a 2BR apartment’s worth of stuff into a 0BR apartment’s worth of space was a bit challenging. Plus, some random items turned up that no one is claiming: a huge container of bleach? A sock? Lots and lots and lots of empty mason jars???

Oh wait…the mason jars are mine.

Anyway, one of the lucky items that I got to take with me from the old apartment to the new was the shower curtain. Who wants to buy a new one? Not this girl. I’m all about thrifty reducing, reusing, and recycling. However, the clear plastic shower curtain liner was not looking happy. Luckily we didn’t have mold or mildew problems, but it was covered in soap scum. Gross. So, I scoured the internet to find ways to clean a shower curtain liner and came up with…

Put it in the washing machine.

At first I was all like, “whaaaaaat?” And then I was like “hmmmmm.” And then I was like, “why the hell not.” So I tried it, and it worked! I unfortunately don’t have before and after pictures, but you’ll have to trust me. Here are the steps:

  1. Take the shower curtain liner off of the rod and remove any hooks.
  2. Find some towels or sheets that also need to be washed.
  3. Start your washing machine on the cold/delicates cycle. Very important.
  4. Add detergent (I used a little less than I normally do). Let the washing machine run for a minute or to to let the water fill up. Note: I live in a building with top-loading washers but I’m sure this will work just as well with front-loading – perhaps even better.
  5. Add another item first, then the shower curtain liner, then the rest of the items. Close the lid and let the machine do its magic.
  6. When the cycle is done, take the shower curtain liner out and hang it back up to dry in your shower. Do not put it in the dryer. The heat will melt it.

My liner doesn’t look 100% brand-new, but all of the soap scum is gone. Magic. I know shower curtain liners only cost about $5 but this load of laundry cost me way less than that, plus I saved money by not going to Target and getting distracted and buying ALL THE THINGS.

See? Learn something new every day. Happy Friday!

Valentine’s Day…for those who feel neutral about it

I feel really neutral about Valentine’s Day. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, and I do acknowledge that it was basically created by the greeting card industry and puts a lot of undue pressure on everyone (singles and couples alike). But in the end, I can’t get myself that worked up about it.

However, it is a good opportunity to have a cute date! I mean, why not? I don’t hate the holiday, I don’t love the holiday, so I might as well treat it like every other day and spend some quality time with someone. And if, like me, you’re not seeing anyone romantically right now, this “someone” is usually another single friend. This year, my valentine is my former coworker CM. We have big plans! (And no, we’re not going to burn old pictures of our ex-boyfriends or play angry chick music or wear black). We are going to make these delicious-looking vegetarian tacos:

Spiced Black Bean, Grilled Avocado, and Goat Cheese Tacos | Naturally Ella

Photo Credit: Naturally Ella

How romantic are black beans, goat cheese, and avocados? Very. Then, we’re going to watch the movie Valentine’s Day! (I know, groan – so typical). But I’ve never seen it and it seemed appropriate.

Happy early Valentine’s Day to: 1) my hot date for tomorrow night; 2) all of my friends, single or not, whom I love dearly; 3) my family (fingers crossed for a Valentine’s care package from my mom!); and 4) my lovely readers :). I hope your day is filled with smiles and hugs from whoever you love.