Big Curled Hair How-To

How to: Big Curly Hair | Arlington Darling

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my hair (aren’t we all?). It’s either straightened and long, or pulled back into a smooth, chic ponytail. I occasionally vary my look and do a high teased bun, but rarely.

So I surprised myself the other day when I dusted off my curling iron and without further ado (and without watching any youtube hair how-to tutorials), I started curling my hair. The only thing guiding me was the voice of my BFF JJ, repeating in my head: “curl the curls away from your face.” I’ve been watching the girl curl her own hair since high school, so she knows what she’s talking about.

My result is in the two images on the right.

I don’t have a fancy technique, I just recommend getting in there with your tools and figuring what works for your hair. I’ve done it about five times now, for special weekend occasions (a.k.a. going out to bars – no inaugural balls or anything). I don’t do this look for work – it’s too Brigitte Bardot for daytime. Here are my tips:How to: Big Curly Hair | Arlington Darling

  1. Start with clean, damp hair.
  2. Blowdry your hair upside down. I never use a hairbrush when blowdrying because I don’t think you need it, and you definitely don’t for this hairstyle. Blowdrying upside down gives you the volume needed to pull this look off.
  3. Use a straightener (if your hair is curly) to tame any flyaways close to your hairline that you won’t be able to reach with the curling iron.
  4. Use a big-barreled iron (mine is 1″) and make sure it is hot!
  5. Section your hair into two big bunches with a clip, a top section and a bottom section.
  6. Using the iron, curl sections of your hair (anywhere from 1-3 inch sections work best on my hair), curling upward and outward with the iron. Hmm, how to explain that better? Must…use…my…words… Okay. Position the iron onto a section of hair so that the barrel is on the outside (the hair is between the iron and your head). Clamp the very end of the hair, then roll the iron upwards around the section, in a motion toward your head. This is opposed to rolling it under. Does that make any sense? How do the youtube hair girls explain this? I guess they have a youtube channel so they can just show you. That’s smart of them.
  7. After you curl each section, set it with hairspray. I’m a Jersey girl so I cannot stress the importance of this part enough.
  8. I always leave the face framing pieces until last because they need to be the best. As JJ says, make sure you position the iron so that the curls curl away from your face (Using the same motion that I described in #6 except by now I hope you understood what the heck I was trying to describe. This is why I start with the bottom  underneath sections…).
  9. Hairspray your whole head, and then hairspray it upside down. Then flip! Then hairspray it again! And then fluff!
  10. Be fabulous.

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