Eep! And Shoes

I’ve been a delinquent blogger these past few weeks! I was going strong there for a while, posting like mad, but things have been hectic lately and I haven’t been posting as much. Ah, well – no excuses!

I will share that I recently visited Corrective Shoe Repair in Dupont Circle, and man, did they do a nice job. I had some shoes that were totally disgusting – linings all torn up, heels destroyed, holes in the soles, smelly, etc. They repaired the shoes exactly as requested, they were up-front about the price, and they had my order ready when they said they would. It ended up costing me a hefty fee (~$30 per shoe), but definitely cheaper than buying all new shoes – especially because these pairs are some of my favorites. If you go, be warned they have limited store hours but it’s definitely worth it.

Now to go write my official review on Yelp…

Happy Friday!


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