Mo Money, Mo Problems, Mo Mustaches, Movember

In case you didn’t already realize it, November is men’s health awareness month – specifically, awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. And someone decided, at some point, for some unknown reason, in Australia (which explains a lot), that in order to raise awareness of this issue, men should grow mustaches. And they call the month: Movember. Men around the world grow mustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Mo’ mustaches…less problems? I guess that’s the idea.

Awareness is important. And men doing silly stuff like trying (and possibly failing) to grow a mustache is just darn funny sometimes — as my friend Steve can attest to. So I’ll keep this short and simple:

  1. If you are male, grow a mustache (for the remaining week of Movember anyway), then go get yourself checked out. Regardless of your age. Young, old, in between, whatever.
  2. If you are female, try not to laugh at the men in your life growing mustaches. After trying unsuccessfully not to laugh at their peach fuzz, encourage them to get checked out.
  3. Visit Steve’s blog and laugh your butt off. And appreciate the fine things he and his facial hair are doing to raise awareness! Then donate to his Movember team. I just donated and it feels better than his December 1st shave is gonna feel.

This issue is pretty close to my heart: two members of my family had prostate cancer and they beat it through early detection and treatment. Go mustaches!


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