Holiday Gift Idea: Must Have Box for Him

When thinking about what to buy for my dad for Christmas, I think back to a memory from when I was a teenager. I went through a Bath & Body Works phase (who didn’t?) where I had a whole collection of vanilla-scented body lotions, body wash, body spray, etc. You know what I’m talkin’ about. One day, trying to share my excitement about all of the vanilla with my dad, I made him try some of the vanilla-scented hand cream. When I asked him, “now how does that feel?” He replied, “it feels like I want to get it off me.” This response has now become a family joke: any time someone asks, “how does it feel,” we reply in unison, “it feels like I want to get it off me!”

In short, my dad is not the type for fancy hand creams or non-essential luxury items. He does appreciate fine wine and a good cheese on the regular, but he wouldn’t be caught dead owning more than 4 pairs of shoes and the majority of his non-work wardrobe is full of holey t-shirts. But, he is the main man in my life at the moment so I want to buy him something awesome for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don’t think this latest gift idea from Popsugar is going to work out so well for that…

They have just released a Luxury Must Have Box exclusively for men! If you’ve got a man in your life who would enjoy the gentleman’s equivalent of what we ladies have been getting in our Popsugar boxes, then I think you’re in luck. It’s $100 so it’s more expensive than the regular boxes, but judging by the quality of the content I’ve been getting in my monthly boxes (read about them here and here), the contents will be good. Unfortunately this is Popsugar’s first box geared toward men so it’s a mystery as to what it will contain, but my best guess is:

  • An old-fashioned shaving kit or high-tech razor
  • A fashionable (but manly) scarf or a tie
  • A small, trendy food item like bourbon caramels or organic beef jerky
  • Cologne or body wash
  • A book, such as something by Erik Larson
  • Something tech-y like noise-blocking headphones
  • And probably more, since the box is supposed to be a “luxury” box
J. Crew Donegal Wool Scarf

Something like this scarf, maybe?

Like I said, I’m not sure my dad would really appreciate this particular gift. But I know a lot of men out there who would – if your dad, boyfriend, best friend, husband, or brother is one of them, get your butt to this Popsugar box fast. On the website this morning they posted that there are only 608 left.

Happy gift-giving! Expect more gift posts to come as the holidays approach :).


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