Quick hits: Ethiopian and Brunch

I tried two restaurants this weekend that I think you should know about:

I had friends in town, and they wanted to try an Ethiopian restaurant. There are two popular Ethiopian restaurants in DC: one is Etete and the other is Dukem. We tried Etete because it was rumored to be just as popular but less crowded. Our four-top was seated right away on a Saturday night (though it was around 9pm). I thought the food was knockout delicious – it is served family-style on a big round tray. We ordered a few meat dishes and the vegetarian sampler. Our only complaint was that the “sponge bread” was served at room temperature. That’s probably how it’s supposed to be served, but for those of us who like toasty bread like naan to dip into our food, it was a little disconcerting at first.
Verdict: Definitely try it! Very flavorful and unique.

Wilson Tavern
After our Saturday night of Ethiopian food and wine (followed by hours and hours of dancing in Adams Morgan – you should’t have to ask where :)), we needed some brunch. Wilson Tavern is located just down the street from me, so in the name of convenience we decided to try it out. I’d only been there for drinks before and was impressed with the good prices and happy hour vibe. The restaurant/bar is usually packed, but the brunch crowd was pretty sparse. And that’s probably with good reason – although the service was friendly, it was a little spotty, and the food wasn’t anything to write home about. You can’t really beat $3 16oz. bloody marys and mimosas though – I’ll be back for a casual weekend brunch when I don’t want to walk far.
Verdict: Only go if you’re a local for the cheap drinks and laid-back atmosphere.


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