Anna Karenina: the Fashion, the Literature, the Film

I have finally finished reading Anna Karenina after letting it languish on my Nook for almost a year. It’s a tough book to get through! The beginning was a little painful, but the plot picks up pace about halfway through and by the end I was actually enjoying myself.

That’s why I’m very excited that the film is coming out this winter. Very good timing for me! Though I have mixed feelings about Kiera Knightly, I do think she will make the perfect Anna. The trailers that I’ve seen so far are spectacular and very cinematic, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. (Side note: I don’t know why I’ve been so into movies lately, when usually I only see one or two a year…)

Typical of the kind of cross-promotion we see everywhere these days between brands, Banana Republic is debuting its Anna Karenina collection and has invited shoppers to experience it in-store on November 1st. Head to the Georgetown (3200 M St. NW) or Downtown (601 13th St., NW) stores at 5pm to enjoy complimentary refreshments and 25% off full-priced items. The fur, the jewels, the lace, oh my! Pick up a fur stole or some sparkly necklaces to wear to the theater (the real theater, not the movies, that is :)).


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