Recap: Homecoming in Williamsburg

The College of William and Mary had its annual Homecoming this past weekend. I attended, as did many of my friends from the DC area, despite the warnings for Hurricane Sandy’s approach. Luckily the storm hadn’t made its way inland yet (it barely rained) so we were okay getting there and back, but one of my Facebook friends summed it up nicely:

“I like how, despite the mounting threat of a ‘potentially devastating’ hurricane, THOUSANDS of people are skipping gleefully into the Williamsburg area this weekend. Like a reverse evacuation. W&M, you are a glorious freak show.”

Yeah. We’re crazy.

We frolicked around campus, saw a few familiar faces, and ate too much of our favorite Williamsburg foods (The Cheese Shop and Aroma’s specifically). I actually had a gift card to Aroma’s that has been in my possession since at least 2008. They accepted it — which meant free croissant/egg/cheese sandwiches! I guess I’m still a poor college kid at heart…

Some photo highlights from the weekend are below. Can’t wait to go back next year, or hopefully sooner!

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