Recap of Charlottesville Part II – It’s Finally Fall

Happy Monday! I’m fresh from another weekend in Charlottesville. This time, it was finally fall. Unfortunately the foliage hasn’t quite caught up to the weather yet (or maybe it won’t be as good this year? I may have heard that somewhere). So our drive down Route 29 wasn’t as scenic as I would have hoped. But the weather was perfect.

I did some shopping in Charlottesville to prepare for the changing seasons – I bought a textured orange sweater from Loft, an Abercrombie flannel shirt (finally!) from a consignment shop, and a caramel pecan pie candle from Yankee Candle. It is comical how fall-focused my shopping was. And the candle smells amazing – I highly recommend this scent. The saleslady totally got me, too – I was going to buy the medium one and then she says, “for $3 more you can get the large candle and have 60 additional burning hours!” And I was like, “sold!” LOL.

And of course, aside from the shopping I enjoyed yummy food: this time we ate at an off-the-beaten-path bar called Black Market Moto Saloon (very veg-friendly) and had Bodo’s Bagels (a Charlottesville tradition). And, for my fellow W&M alumni: Charlottesville has a Cheese Shop “cousin” called Take It Away – they have house dressing and all of the same sandwiches as the Williamsburg Cheese Shop. My mind was blown. Of course I got bread ends!!! Of course. LT and I enjoyed them (and by enjoyed, I mean we ate the whole bag in one sitting) while sitting on the UVA lawn. Heaven.

No wonder I love Charlottesville: great weather, great food, and most of all, great people. Thanks to LV for another amazing weekend at my new home-away-from home :).


2 thoughts on “Recap of Charlottesville Part II – It’s Finally Fall

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