Loving: Free Barre3 Online Classes

If you read my blog regularly you probably know I’m a fan of Barre3, a pilates/yoga/ballet fusion workout. I have been attending regular classes at the Georgetown Barre3 studio since January and I love it! I’m definitely addicted.

But, the classes are expensive – so today I am loving their deal for 15 days of free online classes! They’re offering 10-60 minute videos featuring real Barre3 instructors that you can watch anywhere, anytime. Their online subscription is regularly $15/month. I haven’t purchased the online subscription yet because going to the studio works with my lifestyle (and for now, my budget, but we’ll see how long that lasts – eep), but I am definitely going to check out the 15 days of free classes. Wouldn’t they also be fun to do with friends? Haha watch out friends, you’re about to get invited to an arlingtondarling workout party at my house – don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of wine to refresh us after our hard workout :).

Get the deal here and make sure to use the promotion code: 15mybarre3

If you’re thinking about doing a Barre3 class, I still recommend going to the studio for your first time. You’ll get a better feel for how you like the workout and the hands-on instruction can’t be beat. But the online classes are a cheaper and more flexible option – not to mention you don’t have to worry about your rough-looking leftover-from-summer pedicure when you’re doing the workout in the comfort of your own home :).

5 thoughts on “Loving: Free Barre3 Online Classes

  1. Thanks, Arlington Darling for sharing our mybarre3 promotion. If you have that in-home workout party, I would love an invitation! Or, better yet, bring your friends to barre3 georgetown and we will have cocktails after class. Best, Jill (owner of barre3 georgetown)

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  3. Hello! I know your post is a couple months old, but I’m curious if you found the Barre3 online classes very useful? I’m thinking about subscribing as an alternative to using the hotel gym when I travel to cities that don’t have a 24 Hour Fitness (my only membership). I’ve had a run of bad luck recently with DVD sets (scratched/broken discs) so I’d like to try out a streaming service like this one. Thanks in advance for your input!

    • Hi Closet Strategy – I love the mybarre3 workouts; I just did one today actually! I think they would be great for travel since you don’t need special equipment. I like the variety of the different streaming videos as opposed to a DVD (the same workout over and over). And it only takes as long as typing a web address to start! Let me know if you have any additional questions about the online classes and I’d be happy to answer them. Cheers!

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