Your new best friend

Recently I read “How to be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran. It was pretty funny (lots of British humor), but the part that stuck out to me the most was her discussion of the “girl matrix.” It’s that place you go to in your head when you’re not sure of something – and let’s be real, ladies, usually it’s about a guy. And you start babbling on and on, to almost anyone who will listen, about what he did and what he said and what he texted and how he looked and how you’re feeling and blah blah blah. That’s the girl matrix – when your thoughts are swirling around and you can’t come to a concrete conclusion or decision because you just have too many thoughts (exclamation points!!!). We’ve all been there.

Well this website I am about to share will get you out of the girl matrix. It will be your new best friend. Unlike your current best friend, who listens to your girl matrix and gets in there with you, resulting in an exponentially worse girl matrix where both of your problems and insecurities are compounding upon each other, this best friend will tell it to you straight up. This is the website He Texted.

The website is brilliant, funny, and sometimes blurs that line between funny and…pathetic. The setup is that women submit texts from guys that they don’t know how to interpret, and there is a button for viewers to “vote” on whether or not the guy is into her. There are comments as well. For those of us in the serious girl matrix, there is also an “Ask a Bro” feature where you can chat with one of the website’s “dude whisperers.” I am not making this up.

It’s a little painful to read some of the women’s submissions and realize that you’ve been in her exact situation. He’s not into you. Ouch. But on the other hand, it’s a truly great idea for a website: crowd-sourcing for relationship problems.

Now excuse me while I go chat with the dude whisperer…


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