Review: SUNdeVICH Food Truck

You know those days that you don’t think are going to be very good, and you’re feeling a little blah, and work is just stretching out in front of you with no end in sight? Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was at a client site, in a windowless cube, feeling kind of sorry for myself.

But then a colleague suggested we pop over to the food trucks at L’Enfant Plaza and have lunch there with a coworker who works nearby. Who knew that L’Enfant Plaza had a food truck gathering every day at lunch?! Who knew that my coworker works right around the corner from L’Enfant?! Who. Knew. I certainly didn’t, and the knowledge made my day. With the prospect of food truck heaven, a few minutes out in the sunshine, and coworker gossip to catch up on, I was instantly in a happy mood.

If you’ve never been to the food trucks at L’Enfant, I recommend you go. You are going to feel very, very overwhelmed at first. It’s okay. Just pick one, try it, and reassure yourself that you will go again. They are there every day. Do not panic!

I panicked.

Arlington Darling | food truck

But luckily, my panic did not end in making a bad decision (as it usually does). I finally settled on the SUNdeVICH sandwich truck, mostly because they seemed to be providing fast service (true: I got my sandwich before my coworkers got their food), and because their vegetarian option sounded intriguing: the Zurich, a “breakfast” sandwich with egg, arugula, apple compote (I know! apple compote!) and gruyere on a baguette. It was definitely interesting–a good little yummy, fresh-tasting sandwich. I would get it again, though I wish there had been more cheese. When do I not wish that though. Let’s be real.

Arlington Darling | food truck 2

Follow the SUNdeVICH truck on Twitter to find out where they’ll be next or check out the brick-and-mortar shop in Shaw.


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