Isn’t there a lot of splashing?

Conversation yesterday with my mom:

Me: …It’s sort of like beer goggles.
Mom: What?
Me: Do you know what beer goggles are?
Mom: Ooh, I think so. Let me guess! They are goggles that you wear during beer pong.
Me: [laughter for a long time]
Mom: Aren’t they?
Me: Um, no.
Mom: But you know, you wear them because isn’t there a lot of splashing when you play beer pong?
Me: [more laughter]

I finally explained that beer goggles are what you “wear” when you are drinking and the people around you suddenly look more attractive than they really are (or a similar variation). She got the concept, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play beer pong again without picturing my mom beside me, playing shot for shot and wearing her protective beer goggles :).

Happy weekend!


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