Things I disapprove of today…

A few months ago my office mate pointed out that I often make a “disdainful face of disapproval” (to directly quote him). He’s right that I am often seen making this face–in reaction to something we’re discussing in the office, as a result of a difficult phone conversation, or in response to a strange office situation (those are pretty common around here). According to him, it’s my signature look.

I think the over-exaggerated expression and near-constant disapproval comes partly from my super-expressive New Jersey/Italian roots and partly from my evil plan to dominate the office through sheer intimidation. Sort of kidding on the last part. Though now that I think about it, the new staff do seem scared of me…

Anyway. It was my office mate’s brilliant idea to begin a blog modeled after the popular, moderately inappropriate, and totally odd tumblr called Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things, which has continued after his death. It is so strange. The concept of our blog was to photograph me making my signature face of disapproval and post it along with a caption citing whatever it was that had inspired the face this time. Very similar to Kim Jong-Il.

That’s how I feel about pork products, too, Kim Jong-Il.

We obviously never started that blog, and I started writing this one instead. But the concept of “things I disapprove of” kind of stuck with me. If I could remember to do it, it would make an interesting daily feature for this blog: “things I disapprove of today.” I don’t think I can keep it up, but I’m going to start it today. First item ever on this list: YOLO. Big face of disapproval coming your way if you say that to me.

Semi-related side note: if you’d like to learn more about North Korea under Kim Jong-Il, I highly recommend reading Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick. I learned more about North Korea from this book than I ever expected to know – it is well-written and gripping, and although it is non-fiction, it reads like a novel in places. Check it out.


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