New obsession: #myfriendsaremarried

If I ever meet the woman behind “My Friends Are Married,” I will hug her, invite her out for a fabulous cocktail, and ask her to be my new best friend. And then I’ll probably ask her to move in with me and be my life coach. Her tumblr is pure genius. It’s as if she reached into my brain, plucked out all of my thoughts about being single, and made them into hilarious gifs. I mean, can you really beat the honesty of “My friends are getting married, and I’m just 25 and drunk”? True story.

But let’s be clear about two things: 1) I love being single. Yes, dating sucks sometimes, but I love being able to do whatever the heck I want. Flirting with bartenders? Check. Shameless dance-floor come-hithers? Check. Half a bottle of wine and Sex & the City reruns? Check and check. 2) Despite how much I agree with this tumblr and have to laugh at its sarcastic digs at married couples, my own friends who are married and in relationships are still just that: my friends. I love them and they love me, no matter what.

I’m just happy that another single 25 year old had the guts to say what we single girls are all really thinking. Also, I think she lives in DC. The site just feels very DC to me. So I’m holding out hope that someone in my larger circle of DC acquaintances will introduce me to her.

My favorite post: “When my friend asks me if I expect to meet my husband at a bar…”

Happy Monday 🙂


3 thoughts on “New obsession: #myfriendsaremarried

  1. So, I had to comment as the lady behind #myfriendsaremarried! You’re half right…I’m a former DC girl who just moved away this summer, and I’m so glad it feels DC because I love DC! (ok, well, love-hate) Believe me. STAY THERE. There’s no one single and fun where I am. I’m back in Arlington/DC ALL THE TIME, so ask around and maybe you can figure out the secret to who I am because all my DC friends know! Or just look for the drunk girl in cowboy boots wandering the streets of Clarendon on weekends.

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I will definitely stay in DC and continue to live it up on behalf of all 25 year old single girls – and I’ll keep my eye out for cowboy boots in Clarendon 🙂

      Keep up the good work/tumblring!

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