Taste of DC – Get Excited!

Continuing this week’s roundup of events (man, DC is a busy city in the fall!), I want to tell you about Taste of DC.

I went last year, frankly expecting to be disappointed. And boy was I not. I actually ended up going twice throughout the weekend. Or was it three times? The weather was perfect (okay, I can’t exactly give props to the Taste of DC organizers for that one, but still), the food was insanely delicious, and the atmosphere was happy and upbeat. Plus, it was people-watching galore. If you’re into that. Which I obviously am.

The food was the focus of the day though, and even though E, N, and I waited on some long-ish lines, we were greatly rewarded. I am going to list the dishes we tried last year without using any adjectives, because the number of adjectives would start to get a little ridiculous. I mean, how many different ways can I say the word “delicious?” Here we go. We had: Mexican corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, fried oysters, fish tacos, sushi, sea salt caramels, chocolate mousse, and countless other dishes that I can’t remember. I think it’s indicative of the food’s quality and deliciousness that I could remember all of those dishes from over a year ago.

Another great thing about this event is since the food is from local DC restaurants, you get the chance to try them without paying $$$ to eat a full meal. Last year, GENK discovered Lincoln (too many meat dishes for my taste but E and N were in love) and a couple of food trucks. On the event website, it says that an updated list of restaurants and menus will be posted on September 15th — that’s tomorrow, people! Get excited. Restaurants already lined up include: Co Co Sala, Dickson, Mai Thai, Marvin, Cedar, Sushi Rock, and Ulah Bistro.

So if you’re around on Columbus Day weekend, check out the event – Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (or all three days). They have a Living Social deal (what good event doesn’t, nowadays?) where you can get the $10 ticket for the discounted price of $7. Woot! I already bought mine and I cannot wait.


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