Review: SUNdeVICH Food Truck

You know those days that you don’t think are going to be very good, and you’re feeling a little blah, and work is just stretching out in front of you with no end in sight? Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was at a client site, in a windowless cube, feeling kind of sorry for myself.

But then a colleague suggested we pop over to the food trucks at L’Enfant Plaza and have lunch there with a coworker who works nearby. Who knew that L’Enfant Plaza had a food truck gathering every day at lunch?! Who knew that my coworker works right around the corner from L’Enfant?! Who. Knew. I certainly didn’t, and the knowledge made my day. With the prospect of food truck heaven, a few minutes out in the sunshine, and coworker gossip to catch up on, I was instantly in a happy mood.

If you’ve never been to the food trucks at L’Enfant, I recommend you go. You are going to feel very, very overwhelmed at first. It’s okay. Just pick one, try it, and reassure yourself that you will go again. They are there every day. Do not panic!

I panicked.

Arlington Darling | food truck

But luckily, my panic did not end in making a bad decision (as it usually does). I finally settled on the SUNdeVICH sandwich truck, mostly because they seemed to be providing fast service (true: I got my sandwich before my coworkers got their food), and because their vegetarian option sounded intriguing: the Zurich, a “breakfast” sandwich with egg, arugula, apple compote (I know! apple compote!) and gruyere on a baguette. It was definitely interesting–a good little yummy, fresh-tasting sandwich. I would get it again, though I wish there had been more cheese. When do I not wish that though. Let’s be real.

Arlington Darling | food truck 2

Follow the SUNdeVICH truck on Twitter to find out where they’ll be next or check out the brick-and-mortar shop in Shaw.


Isn’t there a lot of splashing?

Conversation yesterday with my mom:

Me: …It’s sort of like beer goggles.
Mom: What?
Me: Do you know what beer goggles are?
Mom: Ooh, I think so. Let me guess! They are goggles that you wear during beer pong.
Me: [laughter for a long time]
Mom: Aren’t they?
Me: Um, no.
Mom: But you know, you wear them because isn’t there a lot of splashing when you play beer pong?
Me: [more laughter]

I finally explained that beer goggles are what you “wear” when you are drinking and the people around you suddenly look more attractive than they really are (or a similar variation). She got the concept, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play beer pong again without picturing my mom beside me, playing shot for shot and wearing her protective beer goggles :).

Happy weekend!

Things I disapprove of today…

A few months ago my office mate pointed out that I often make a “disdainful face of disapproval” (to directly quote him). He’s right that I am often seen making this face–in reaction to something we’re discussing in the office, as a result of a difficult phone conversation, or in response to a strange office situation (those are pretty common around here). According to him, it’s my signature look.

I think the over-exaggerated expression and near-constant disapproval comes partly from my super-expressive New Jersey/Italian roots and partly from my evil plan to dominate the office through sheer intimidation. Sort of kidding on the last part. Though now that I think about it, the new staff do seem scared of me…

Anyway. It was my office mate’s brilliant idea to begin a blog modeled after the popular, moderately inappropriate, and totally odd tumblr called Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things, which has continued after his death. It is so strange. The concept of our blog was to photograph me making my signature face of disapproval and post it along with a caption citing whatever it was that had inspired the face this time. Very similar to Kim Jong-Il.

That’s how I feel about pork products, too, Kim Jong-Il.

We obviously never started that blog, and I started writing this one instead. But the concept of “things I disapprove of” kind of stuck with me. If I could remember to do it, it would make an interesting daily feature for this blog: “things I disapprove of today.” I don’t think I can keep it up, but I’m going to start it today. First item ever on this list: YOLO. Big face of disapproval coming your way if you say that to me.

Semi-related side note: if you’d like to learn more about North Korea under Kim Jong-Il, I highly recommend reading Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick. I learned more about North Korea from this book than I ever expected to know – it is well-written and gripping, and although it is non-fiction, it reads like a novel in places. Check it out.

New obsession: #myfriendsaremarried

If I ever meet the woman behind “My Friends Are Married,” I will hug her, invite her out for a fabulous cocktail, and ask her to be my new best friend. And then I’ll probably ask her to move in with me and be my life coach. Her tumblr is pure genius. It’s as if she reached into my brain, plucked out all of my thoughts about being single, and made them into hilarious gifs. I mean, can you really beat the honesty of “My friends are getting married, and I’m just 25 and drunk”? True story.

But let’s be clear about two things: 1) I love being single. Yes, dating sucks sometimes, but I love being able to do whatever the heck I want. Flirting with bartenders? Check. Shameless dance-floor come-hithers? Check. Half a bottle of wine and Sex & the City reruns? Check and check. 2) Despite how much I agree with this tumblr and have to laugh at its sarcastic digs at married couples, my own friends who are married and in relationships are still just that: my friends. I love them and they love me, no matter what.

I’m just happy that another single 25 year old had the guts to say what we single girls are all really thinking. Also, I think she lives in DC. The site just feels very DC to me. So I’m holding out hope that someone in my larger circle of DC acquaintances will introduce me to her.

My favorite post: “When my friend asks me if I expect to meet my husband at a bar…”

Happy Monday 🙂

Taste of DC – Get Excited!

Continuing this week’s roundup of events (man, DC is a busy city in the fall!), I want to tell you about Taste of DC.

I went last year, frankly expecting to be disappointed. And boy was I not. I actually ended up going twice throughout the weekend. Or was it three times? The weather was perfect (okay, I can’t exactly give props to the Taste of DC organizers for that one, but still), the food was insanely delicious, and the atmosphere was happy and upbeat. Plus, it was people-watching galore. If you’re into that. Which I obviously am.

The food was the focus of the day though, and even though E, N, and I waited on some long-ish lines, we were greatly rewarded. I am going to list the dishes we tried last year without using any adjectives, because the number of adjectives would start to get a little ridiculous. I mean, how many different ways can I say the word “delicious?” Here we go. We had: Mexican corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, fried oysters, fish tacos, sushi, sea salt caramels, chocolate mousse, and countless other dishes that I can’t remember. I think it’s indicative of the food’s quality and deliciousness that I could remember all of those dishes from over a year ago.

Another great thing about this event is since the food is from local DC restaurants, you get the chance to try them without paying $$$ to eat a full meal. Last year, GENK discovered Lincoln (too many meat dishes for my taste but E and N were in love) and a couple of food trucks. On the event website, it says that an updated list of restaurants and menus will be posted on September 15th — that’s tomorrow, people! Get excited. Restaurants already lined up include: Co Co Sala, Dickson, Mai Thai, Marvin, Cedar, Sushi Rock, and Ulah Bistro.

So if you’re around on Columbus Day weekend, check out the event – Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (or all three days). They have a Living Social deal (what good event doesn’t, nowadays?) where you can get the $10 ticket for the discounted price of $7. Woot! I already bought mine and I cannot wait.