New Jam: As Long As You Love Me

Despite my usual musical obliviousness, I like to think that I was one of the first people to hear the new Justin Bieber single “As Long As You Love Me.” It’s sad that I consider that a real accomplishment. I was up at 4am on Friday driving back from OBX and the Hampton Roads pop radio station played it every 45 minutes or so (my mom eventually overruled me and put on her Carousel soundtrack). I assume the song came out on Friday but I don’t really know. I hadn’t heard it played before and we had the same pop music station playing at the beach house all week (oh, the perils of going on vacation with two teenage boys).

The song is very, very catchy but the video is even better – there’s a Romeo and Juliet story line and quality about it which I really like. Plus the kid gets more attractive by the day.

The actual song starts around 1:19.


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