Circa, Circa

I recently became one of those people who walk into a bar and immediately get free drinks. No, I didn’t turn into a celebrity overnight: I became friends with one of the managers at Dupont Circle’s Circa restaurant (I know – high five for me! Also high five for Dale on the sweet job!).

Before he got the job and started talking my ear off about Circa, the restaurant wasn’t exactly on my radar, despite all three of its locations being conveniently located to where I spend a majority of my time (Clarendon, Foggy Bottom, and Dupont). This is partly because I had a lackluster dinner experience at Circa the first time I went over a year ago. But Dale has encouraged me to come try it out and now I’ve been to all three locations in less than a month. It doesn’t sound that impressive but given all the other amazing going-out and dining-out options in this city, that’s a lot of repeats.

I was pretty impressed with the scene at the Dupont location for happy hour, though it got a little crowded (what DC spot doesn’t on a Thursday night?). I was very well taken care of, thanks to Dale, but I did notice that the other parties around me had attentive and enthusiastic servers as well. Plus, and this is a major plus for happy hour, the drinks were very strong but still yummy. I also enjoyed the night scene at the Foggy Bottom Circa, though with the college kids gone for the summer the place had a more mature crowd (I don’t count, right? That 25th birthday milestone is starting to get to me…). I had a refreshing fresh fruit cocktail that was sweet and perfect for a summer night.

Circa at Dupont

Okay, so I know it sounds like all I’ve done at Circa so far is drink. And… it’s true, I guess. So since I haven’t tried the food (they do have brunch which I will probably try eventually), I won’t attempt to persuade you to go there and eat. But if you’re looking to feel a bit like you’re part of the in-crowd, just come with me the next time I visit Dale and we’ll have a nice strong cocktail like the DC celebrities we are.


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