Return of Haiku Sunday

In this week’s epic return of Haiku Sunday, I will rant about my online shopping experience with J. Crew chambray shirts:

Got my chambray shirt.
It was too big, WTF.
Have to return it.

I couldn’t believe that the two styles of shirt I ordered were huge on me. J. Crew, I followed your size guidelines and I looked like a farmer in each of the shirts. I know sometimes fashion is difficult for us laypeople to understand but I’m pretty sure you didn’t design your clothes so that yuppies could look like farmers. Actual farmers. Who are mucking out stables or riding a tractor in Nebraska. And I know you ‘size down’ to make people feel better about themselves, but at least make your size chart measurements accurate – it doesn’t make me feel good about myself when I have to place a second order and spend money to return the first order. This time I ordered both an extra-small and an extra-extra-small.

Does anyone else find that this happens with J. Crew? Their CEO doesn’t read my blog (total oversight on his part) so I may have to write the company a formal complaint letter.

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