Divine Cake and Birthday Cake

Doesn’t this cake look divine? I found its picture on Pinterest. Did I attempt to bake it? No, of course not. I bake things from a box, if I bake at all (as I’ve discovered, funfetti cake has popularity disproportionate to effort). But I’m content to look at this cake all day… this is definitely why they invented the term “food porn.”

Speaking of food porn, how cute is this cake that we made for G’s birthday? The recipe is E’s – she does bake, incidentally, and much better than I ever could. I’ll try to get her to post the recipe because it was divine: chocolaty, velvety, gooey, delicious cake. The lettering was my idea, inspired by Pinterest. I was going to use powdered sugar but since our icing was white, cocoa powder worked equally well.

Happy early birthday, G!


New Jam: As Long As You Love Me

Despite my usual musical obliviousness, I like to think that I was one of the first people to hear the new Justin Bieber single “As Long As You Love Me.” It’s sad that I consider that a real accomplishment. I was up at 4am on Friday driving back from OBX and the Hampton Roads pop radio station played it every 45 minutes or so (my mom eventually overruled me and put on her Carousel soundtrack). I assume the song came out on Friday but I don’t really know. I hadn’t heard it played before and we had the same pop music station playing at the beach house all week (oh, the perils of going on vacation with two teenage boys).

The song is very, very catchy but the video is even better – there’s a Romeo and Juliet story line and quality about it which I really like. Plus the kid gets more attractive by the day.

The actual song starts around 1:19.

OBX Pictures

I’m finally back in DC after a week in OBX with my family. It was a great week (it rained a few days but I’m sure I’ll get over the lost tanning time eventually, hah). I’m super exhausted from the drive back, but I wanted to get a quick post in so you didn’t think I’d forgotten about you 🙂

Here are some pictures from the vacation:


Stormcloud on our last day.

House on the dune in Kill Devil Hills, where we day-tripped on the first day.

View from dinner on the last night.



But it’s 5:00 somewhere!

When the waitress informs us that happy hour is now over…

This is how I feel every time I get to a happy hour late because I work in Narnia (Narnia is Fairfax, by the way). It’s not fair when a bar’s happy hour ends at 6:00 — there’s no way I can get downtown by then. Who gets out of work that early?! I mean, I wish I did, but it’s not happening. Sigh. Bless those bars that have all-night specials! Lately, I’ve enjoyed Barcode and Chef Geoff’s who both do fabulous Monday night happy-all-nighters.

(The animated gif is from the tumblr #whatshouldbetchescallme, which is a spinoff of #whatshouldwecallme that posts more often and is even funnier.)

Call Me Military

I came across the link to this video in one of my friend’s G-chat status: service members in Afghanistan performing the ridiculously overplayed pop song “Call Me Maybe.” It’s great to see our service members having fun and releasing some tension while being overseas, but it’s also flat-out hilarious.

I wonder what my friends in the military would make of this. Probably “ugh, I hate that song, turn it off” :).

Link to article where I found the video here.