Friendship on a whole new level

Today, E and I took our friendship to another level. If Level 1 is strangers and Level 10 is best friends, we were probably already at a level 16 or so. I think after today, we’re at a level 37. Or possibly even higher.

Our friend G recently told us about an article in Women’s Health Magazine which warns of “killer bikini waxes” – where unsanitary conditions or overly harsh waxing can lead to irritation, infection, and even more serious conditions such as cellulitis. Our GENK group was very concerned that such a thing could happen to us, and we immediately went in search of a salon in the area that didn’t double-dip their wax sticks (seemingly the main cause of infections).

Which brings me to why E and I have a renewed, more intense friendship: E found a salon downtown that seemed legitimate, she told me about it, and because she was very busy at work I took on the task of booking our appointments. I contacted the salon and made appointments for both of us for this afternoon. It was sort of adorable and sort of creepy. We went with it. We’re very happy with our level 37.

And at the risk of TMI, I think we are both happy with our choice! We went to Capital Waxing for those who are interested. I found them to be friendly, professional, clean, and very thorough.

That’s enough over-sharing for one day! Can’t believe I just blogged about a bikini wax.


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