What Community Means…

I just heard the news that Michael Joel Hall, one of DC’s favorite yoga instructors, and his boyfriend Michael Roike were violently attacked on the street this past weekend. I really need to do a better job of keeping up with local news, but that’s not the point (you can read about the incident here). 

I do not know Michael Joel Hall or his boyfriend. I won’t pretend to know someone who knows them. And I’m even not truly part of the DC yoga community, since I do pilates and barre and not yoga. But I am part of the global community of people who think that random acts of violence are deeply disturbing and sad. This incident is especially hurtful to that community because of the possibility that it was a hate crime. 

My Barre3 studio in Georgetown is having a benefit class on August 2nd at 5pm for Michael Joel Hall. As a yoga instructor he doesn’t have health insurance, and as you can imagine he now has some serious medical expenses. The class will be taught by one of my favorite Barre3 instructors, Brittany, who also teaches yoga in the city. Barre3 suggests a $25 donation for the class which can be made to the MJH Fund here through PayPal. I am going go try and rearrange work so that I can go. If I can’t, I am going to donate anyway. I’m not going to try and encourage you to do either; that’s not what this blog is about.

But I just felt that I had to write about this. I’m sad that it happened, but I’m also really, really inspired by the DC community, and that’s what I want to support. There are more benefit events around the city this week and next if you’d rather do something other than yoga. The response to this has been overwhelming, and it’s heartening – not just for Michael and Michael, but for everyone who wants the city to be a safer, more welcoming, more positive place.

I wish them a speedy recovery!

Stay safe, everyone. ❤


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