Can’t Stop Laughing at Beyonce + Women’s Studies

I was a sociology major in college, but I never wrote a theses. Props to the people who did, but I wanted a bit of a life. Just a bit of one. However, I am aware that in academia (particularly where I went to school), having a flowery, mysterious title for your theses is quid pro quo. In fact, sometimes it seems like students and professors and other academics across all subjects are trying to out-do each other with creative and obscure titles for their papers. I even ran into this pressure when I wrote regular papers for sociology classes.

So, being aware of all that, I had to laugh at the name and premise of this article: “Beyonce Songs Re-Imagined as Undergraduate Theses in Women and Gender Studies.”

How brilliant! Beyonce does exemplify that “female empowerment” term that people are always tossing around without really thinking about what it really means, and her songs do speak to strong women facing a variety of different situations. Someone has probably written a thesis analyzing her songs for those types of themes from a sociological or psychological perspective – but for now, I’m content to read the fake theses titles and laugh my little tush off. Or as Beyonce would say, laugh my little bootylicious tush off.

Some of my faves:

  • “Check on It: The Gendered Dynamics of Male Spectatorship in Urban Public Spaces”
  • “Run the World (Girls): Historical Perspectives on Global Female Leadership”
  • “Bills Bills Bills: The Dual-Income Model and Reshaping of the Domestic Sphere”

Beyonce. Keepin’ it real with her sociological perspective.

Beyonce Knowles

As a complete aside, if you’re at all interested in sociology (the fun kind! not the boring kind! I promise),  check out my absolute favorite sociological blog: Sociological Images.


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