Texts from my Mother Part I

My mother reads my blog, and I’m so grateful that she does. It makes me feel very loved. She also texts me! Sometimes multiple times a day! With plenty of smiley faces and hearts. Which also makes me feel very loved.

But because she’s a faithful reader, I have to be careful how I present this particular series of posts: “Texts from my Mother.”

My mother (or mama, as I have recently been calling her) started texting about 6 months ago when she bought her first smartphone. It was a harrowing few weeks as I helped her to navigate the features, but I have to say, she became competent pretty quickly! She emails on the go, takes pictures, posts to Facebook, plays Word Feud, and does gosh-knows what else that people do with their smartphones. However, the texting is still a little dicey. Sometimes, the spelling is off or there are random letters. I can usually guess her meaning, but today’s text made me laugh out loud at my desk and inspired this post. Here it is:

Po toook yr pkg

Laughing. Out. Loud. Mom, since I know you’re reading this, please call me later and explain what you meant to say with this text. Because I have absolutely no clue. And I’m still giggling. Love you!


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