Fete de la Musique

Arlington Darling | Fete de la Musique 1

Two Saturdays ago, my GENK girls and I decided to have a bit of organized fun and go to the Embassy of France’s annual Fete de la Musique. The event promised a “one-of-a-kind summer solstice celebration,” “with more than 50 local bands as well as other festive elements!”

We were intrigued. Since E lived in France for a while and I like to pretend that I did (and like to imagine that I will someday), we thought that this would be the perfect event to exercise our Francophilia. And it most certainly was! A few highlights:

  • We arrived early, which was critical. The lines for getting in and for getting food/drinks only lengthened as the afternoon went on but we managed to avoid most of that.
  • The salted caramel ice cream that was promised was most definitely just pralines and cream ice cream. Which is a delicious flavor, but it is not salted caramel. We felt a little cheated (see picture above). You cannot see my “we feel a little cheated” face, but I was making it.Arlington Darling | Fete de la Musique 2
  • The French will judge you if you put ice cubes in your wine. When it is 90+ degrees out, though, you have to be concerned about hydration! Also, which is worse: warm wine, or cold watered-down wine? I’ll let you be your own judge…
  • The caramel crepe was divine.
  • We became very sleepy after two drinks and the heat, so we laid down in the grass among the French children and other sleepy adults and napped for a bit. It was lovely.
  • We saw circus performers (children on unicycles!), a very Lady Gaga-esque fashion show, and an a capella group (which reminded us of college). We also saw some strange things that we didn’t understand, like a large crate of cotton candy…
  • I tried to speak French, and failed pretty spectacularly. Il n’a pas d’importance, d’accord?
All in all, it was fun to get a little dolled up and pretend we were in France for a while! To achieve the same effect, simply play this YouTube video of last year’s event, courtesy of La Maison Francaise:

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