Quarter Century

I turn a quarter century old today, and while it’s been a day similar to many others, it’s also been a day to reflect on my past 25 years and get really excited for the next 25 (and the next 25 after that, and after that…). I want to thank everyone who has made my life wonderful over the past quarter century – in particular my mom and dad, my GENK girls, my NJ girls, my JJs, and my family. I love you all! And a special thanks to those of you who faithfully read my little blog and offer me so much encouragement – it means so much to me.

This morning, my parents were reminiscing about the day that they brought me home from the hospital. They laid me in my crib (to quote my dad, “the crib was this big, and you were only this big!”), stepped back, looked at each other, and said “what do we do now?” Well, I guess I turned out okay so they must have done some things right 🙂 And twenty-five years later, they know exactly what to do with their daughter on her birthday: take her to the shore. The creaky wooden steps of the boardwalk, the creamy taste of ice cream, the cries of the seagulls, the smell of the salt water… I was happy as a clam to spend a day at the shore with my family. It was a great birthday.

Arlington Darling | Birthday Beach

Have a great fourth of July!


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