Allergies, Ugh

Even though it’s almost July (where did this year go?!), my allergies are still acting up. Last weekend I was stuffy and sniffly, which hasn’t happened in a few months and was very unwelcome. Me and the tissue box are best friends (or are we really frenemies?) once again.

However, I got a chance to use my tried-and-true remedy for soothing a sore nose that’s seen too many tissues: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly + Clinique Moisture Surge lotion. First I apply the lotion to my nose, wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed, and then apply the Vaseline over it. The Moisture Surge is incredibly restorative for the skin (I love the stuff), and the Vaseline locks it in and forms a protective barrier. It’s brilliant and works like a charm. I also use this method on my cuticles, or a pimple, or anywhere else where my skin is dry and irritated. Plus, it holds up even if you have to blow your nose again right away.

I hope none of you are experiencing early-summer allergies as I am, but if you are, I hope this handy trick helps you out.

Clinique Moisture Surge



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