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Last year, I bought Puma’s Karlie Ballet Flats to use during my trip to Paris. They were the perfect, perfect shoe for that trip – I cannot emphasize this enough. They were comfortable, felt like a slipper, had a great rubberized sole that grips, provided moderate arch support, and they were sleek and stylish. Essential in Paris!

Amazon | Puma Karlie Ballet Flats

I wore them so much last year that they got a little gross. They are holding up just fine in terms of wear and tear, and I still wear them, but logging 5+ miles a day (or should I use kilometers?) in Paris day for 8 days straight didn’t make them very happy… erm, smell-wise.

But I digress.

All you really need to know was that I have been looking to replace these shoes with another identical pair for months now, but Puma doesn’t sell the black ones that I have any more (aside: there is no “new black” – black is still the new black). I’ve been disappointed in the available color choices, and simultaneously scared that Puma would stop making the shoe altogether. I was experiencing a shoe dilemma. The worst kind of dilemma, I know.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided that even if I couldn’t have them in black, I still wanted them. This shoe is too well-made and comfortable to let pass by. So I did a little early morning online shopping and scored myself a pair of pink and gray babies (see image above). They’re cute, right? And they fit in with this season’s neon-tipped trend. The best part was that I used American Express points to pay for them, so they were free. Love it!

Using AMEX points + anticipating a pair of perfect shoes coming my way = happy K 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shop Shop Shop

  1. Oh. Em. Gee. 1) I love that you are posting as often as you are posting. 2) Would you hate me if I got the same shoes because oh. em. gee. 3) POINTS?!?!?!?!?!?!

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