Review: Wicked Waffle

Although I work in VA, I often go into DC for meetings with clients or to visit the beautiful DC offices of my company. These beautiful offices are located just down the street from one of the strangest-sounding yet most intriguing food establishments: Wicked Waffle.

Wicked Waffle is one of those places that sounds indulgent (hello, they have the word “wicked” in the name!) but try to come off as healthy. Their website touts, “Say hello to your flaky, crispy, delicious new obsession. The good news is that they’re good for you.” I am in doubt as to whether or not a waffle is actually good or bad for me, but so far I haven’t eaten enough of them to damage my waistline too badly, so I guess I have to agree.

After a very successful meeting a few weeks ago, I realized I was (gasp!) in the city around lunchtime and (gasp!) right across the street from the Wicked Waffle location I’d been eyeing for months. So, I sauntered in and tried it out.

Wicked Waffle 1

Oh yea.

I ordered the grilled cheese with tomato. They had a few vegetarian options but I was feeling indulgent. Plus, I thought, these waffles are supposed to be healthy, right?

As I waited patiently for my waffle creation to be created (there is a wait as the waffles are made fresh to order), a kind employee offered to let me try their soups. Soups and waffles don’t seem to go together, but wow! I was blown away by the soup I tried, the pureed wild mushroom and fresh herb soup. It’s vegetarian and out of this world. Props, by the way, to Wicked Waffle for having lots of vegetarian soups, too (and one vegan soup!). I didn’t take a picture of it because, well, it looks how you’d expect: like they pureed a bunch of brown mushrooms. Not the most appealing look but WOW to the taste. I scarfed it down and immediately changed my order so I could get a side cup of soup as well.

Wicked Waffle 2

Compared to the soup, the grilled cheese just couldn’t compete for my attention. It was oddly sweet, which threw me off (savory food all the way for this gal). It was still cheesy awesome goodness, but I don’t know that it’s worth the high calorie punch that it probably packs (stop lying to me, Wicked Waffle! waffles cannot be healthy or low-calorie, they just can’t).

However, if you find yourself in downtown DC, stop by for a big cup of the soup. And let me know if you try a different kind! I will definitely be back to try more.

3 thoughts on “Review: Wicked Waffle

  1. Arlington Darling, these waffles pack 235 calories, … may have seconds. By the way , we have new soups to sip. Bon appetit! and thank yo uso much for the visit. I would love to talk to you.

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