TC List: 25 things to do before 25

I love Thought Catalog. Its content is so spot-on, and so well-written, that I look forward to the articles with eager anticipation. And I forgot to mention how funny it is! My coworker LT frequently sends me articles that I would swear someone wrote about the two of us and our circle of DC friends. Hysterical. And they make you think deep, deep thoughts about life!

I’ll stop blog crushing now.

The reason I’m telling you about Thought Catalog is because today they posted an article titled “25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25.” Once more, I thought to myself, “They’ve written this article about me! For me! I’m about to turn 25!”

However, given this impending birthday, my senses were heightened. I decided to read this TC post with more than my usual scrutiny and intellectual examination. As a soon-to-be quarter-century member, I wanted to assess this list. Is it realistic? Is it applicable? And most importantly, how much on the list have I accomplished – since I have only a few short weeks to fix that…

What follows is my analysis of a few particular items [the numbered items are from TC’s list, the bold comments are my own].

#4. Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day. I agree completely, TC. However, if you graduated college and/or have a steady job already, this may be impossible to do. This item really belongs on a list of things to do before you turn 21. 

#6. Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together. PREACH.

#9. Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender. Done, and plan to do again.

#11. Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun. I can’t agree more. I don’t wear high heels unless every part of me (including my poor little aching Achilles tendon) wants to. Flats all the way.

#14. Think you know yourself until you meet someone better than you. Uh, no one is better than me, TC. What are you saying?!

#23. Leave the country under the premise of “finding yourself.” This will be unsuccessful. Places do not change people. Instead, do a lot of solo drinking, read a lot of books, have sex in dirty hostels, and come home when you start to miss it. Dang it! This is the one I haven’t done yet. Can this be on the “30 things to do before you’re 30” list?

#24. Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro. No. No Macbook. No overpriced Apple laptops that will only be used for blogging and Facebook stalking. Please see #11.

Happy early birthday to me. Thanks, TC! I look forward to more of your fabulous lists.


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