Recipe: Dumpling Soup

Last year, I went a little crazy experimenting with dumplings. As my fellow book clubbers (and coincidentally, fellow bloggers Sarah and Dee!) will tell you, I was bringing dumplings to every book club potluck. I made these wonderful pea/ricotta/lemon gems that were too easy and too delicious to not make every week. Sigh. Even writing about them makes me want to eat them again.

However, those fabulous babies are not what this particular post is about. See, even though homemade dumplings are very easy to make (buy some wonton wrappers from the grocery store and fill with whatever you want!), sometimes you don’t have wonton wrappers on hand, sometimes you don’t have appropriate filling, or sometimes you’re a little… well, pressed for time!

So I’ve developed a semi-homemade (thanks, Sandra Lee!) method for having dumplings that is still delicious. I’ve adapted it from this version of “Quick Potsticker Soup.” To be honest, their recipe sounds way more rounded-out than mine. However, mine cannot be beat for simplicity, and is oddly and completely satisfying. I would eat this after a cold walk home from work in the winter, or for lunch when I feel like eating something warm but still light.

Dumpling Soup

6 frozen dumplings, your choice (I like Trader Joe’s Vegetable Gyoza)
1.5 cups of vegetable stock (or water and bouillon)

To make:
1. Warm your stock on medium heat in a small saucepan. Or, create your stock by dissolving the bouillon cube per package instructions.
2. Once the stock is simmering gently, drop frozen dumplings into the broth. Cook for approximately 10 minutes or until the dumplings are semi-translucent and can be pierced easily with a fork.
3. Pour yourself a nice bowl of dumpling soup goodness!

Optionally, you could add some chopped scallions to the broth. To make a more well-rounded meal (or to add your daily recommended vegetable servings if you choose to use meat-based dumplings) you could add some frozen peas or stir-fry vegetables. Or (so many variations!) you could partially cook the dumplings first by searing them in a pan so they turn golden brown, and then adding them to the stock.

I know this meal sounds simple, but I promise it’s really yummy! Better than just eating the microwaved dumplings on a plate by themselves, for sure. And it can be made really easily for an army of one or for multiple people. Just increase the amount of broth and number of dumplings as needed.



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