My return to Pandora, high school style

My office has recently allowed Pandora again! They blocked it a few years ago because it uses a lot of bandwidth. From a corporate or business perspective, minimizing the unnecessary bandwidth used in the office makes sense. And I’m sure at some level, we all appreciated the faster speeds on our office computers. But we definitely did not appreciate the cramp in our style! Now that Pandora radio is back, we can once again rock it out.

In a happy coincidence, I have recently re-discovered rap/hip-hop music from the early 2000s. You know, artists like Ja Rule, Nelly, Fabulous, Usher, Ashanti, and Destiny’s Child before Beyonce did her solo thing. Maybe it’s just me, but this music rocks. It is my jam. When “Every Thug Needs a Lady” comes on, you just can’t help but start dancing a little in the car (or, in the boat as I did this past weekend – yea, I had to get that in there somehow – I was on a boat! okay I’m done). This music is a throwback to those long high school summers, in the best way possible.

These two new discoveries in my life (2000s hip hop and my office allowing Pandora) have happily collided and I made a Pandora station to celebrate. Give it a listen – I guarantee it’ll make your summer and give a welcome reprieve from whatever pop song is overplayed on 99.5 right now.

Enjoy! And for more summer playlist inspiration, check out the ladies over at This is Our Jam DC. They know the up and coming music scene inside and out, and they always have spot-on playlist and song recommendations for whatever mood you’re in.


One thought on “My return to Pandora, high school style

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