In Which I Anticipate DC Restaurant Week and Get Disappointed

I was humming along to myself at work today, thinking of my next meal (as per usual), when it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen anything about DC Restaurant Week yet! Usually I’m the last to know about things (LV usually alerts me to exciting DC happenings), so I was feeling pretty good about my proactive thoughts. I was going to find out when Restaurant Week is happening this summer, make tons of early reservations, and find fabulous people to dine with. Woo!

Except… they haven’t set the dates yet, apparently. And the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington has posted this really infuriating cartoon to their website, which shows a man asking:

“So when is the next restaurant week?”

And the woman across the table from him replies, “I hear the dates are coming soon.”

Great cartoon. Just wonderful artistic journalism right there. Sigh. I guess I’ll have to set reminders for myself to keep checking for the dates. Rumor has it that it’ll be in August, which I seem to remember were the dates last summer, too. Which restaurants are on your list this year to try? I’ve made a lot of progress through the DC dining scene in the last year but there are still plenty of pricey places on my list. I guess one good thing about the dates not being set yet is that I still have time to think about which ones are must-tries this year!


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