Way to Go, JCP!

A coworker alerted me to the JCPenney “scandal” in which the company was targeted by One Million Moms with calls for a homophobic boycott because JCP hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. Happily (well, happily for those of us who believe that all people are equal and deserve love), JCP responded with a Father’s Day advertisement featuring a gay couple with two kids.

The ad is so cute, by the way. So cute.

Go JCPenney! I haven’t shopped there since I was a kid and my mom used to try and cajole me into buying jeans (I didn’t like jeans until I was in college. No joke. Maybe because she was trying to force me to buy JCP jeans? Who knows). But now, I may have to rethink my shopping strategy and go reward this company for standing up for… normalcy.



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