Cheese, of course

One of my GENK ladies, N, got some happy news last night, and so I wanted to celebrate with her and mark the day with something special. So, as I was running out the door to meet her at our kickball game, I though of the perfect gift: cheese!

Not just any cheese. This cheese is unexpected! Literally, that’s the name: “Unexpected Cheddar.”

Or We Could Do Happy Hour - Unexpected Cheddar 1It’s a Trader Joe’s brand of cheese that I discovered accidentally while picking up snacks for the season’s first Jazz in the Garden.  It’s an aged cheddar that has the sharp, nutty bite of a parmesan. It’s crumbly and salty and utterly delicious, especially with crackers. It would probably go well in salads, too.

Sadly, N couldn’t make it to Jazz that day, so she didn’t get to try this fantastically wonderful cheese with the rest of us. So I brought her some after the kickball game! She loved it. I love her. So it worked out really well 🙂

Or We Could Do Happy Hour - Unexpected Cheddar 2

Look at that crumbly, buttery, nutty goodness! Yum.

And it didn’t hurt that last night was perfect, weather-wise. Warm, with a light breeze. I thoroughly enjoyed standing around at the kickball game. Well, I was refereeing so it made sense that I was standing around. And then to top off the night with N’s good news and some cheese. Delightful.

Or We Could Do Happy Hour - Capitol


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