Weekend with Samantha

This past weekend my cousin Samantha surprised me with a last-minute road trip to DC to visit me! I was really, really happy to see her since I usually only see her at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our yearly family vacation to OBX. Plus, since I’m an only child, I take my relationship with my cousins very seriously.

We kicked off Saturday with some pool time. Then, in blatant opposition to my anti-housewifely abilities, we ironed. Yes, I ironed my clothes. Usually I take them to the dry cleaners and say, “press please!” But Sam wanted her outfit for the evening to be in tip top shape (she was in DC, after all!) so after she ironed hers, I went and got some of my sadder-looking work outfits and did some ironing myself. After the ironing fest, we got ready for the night out. 

Then, we made the short walk from my place into Clarendon and went to Pete’s A Pizza. If you’ve never been, please do go ASAP. They have three locations in the DC area and their pizza is just fabulous. It’s thin crust, with gourmet toppings and delicious sauces. My favorite is the “Edge of the Woods” pizza, with sauteed spinach, ricotta, caramelized onion, and crispy fried eggplant. See Samantha (beautiful!) with the pizza (also beautiful!)?

Sam Visit 1

We actually got half margherita and half Edge of the Woods, but both agreed that the Edge was the best. It was a gorgeous night and since Pete’s has place-your-order-and-find-a-table style seating, we didn’t feel rushed at all so we were able to sit for a while and digest.

After our meal at Pete’s, we headed to Whitlow’s on Wilson. I will admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that Whitlow’s is not my favorite place. The food is meh, they charge a cover some nights, and the crowd always tends to be a little on the fratty side. Not that there is anything wrong with that–I was part of that crowd once. I’ve just… outgrown it. Anyway, last year Whitlow’s opened a rooftop bar and it was the perfect night for it, so we decided to try it. And it did turn out to be a good night! Sam and I predictably got hit on quite a bit since we were two young women out at a bar by ourselves. Sam’s a trooper though, and we finished the night after a few drinks by heading to Boccato Gelato. Yum!

Sky 1

The next morning, faced with clear blue skies and perfect 75-degree weather, we cured our hangovers with bagel sandwiches from Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse.

Disclaimer: In my opinion they do not taste like Brooklyn-style bagels, but they are still very delicious.

Other disclaimer: We were not actually hungover.

We next ventured to Eastern Market, where I promised Sam that she would find a cheap pair of sunglasses to replace the ones that got broken yesterday (she did). It was a beautiful morning and we had a lot of fun picking out things (in our minds only, unfortunately) for her new apartment. I love Eastern Market. What could be better on a Sunday with a good friend?

Eastern Market 1

Then, it was back to Arlington where we did a little more shopping, and before I knew it Sam was back in the car driving home. I was sad to see her go, but really happy that she visited – I love visitors! It allows me to do all of my favorite activities, eat the best food (and the calories don’t count when you’re entertaining, right?!), and be in DC while still being with the people I love who are scattered far and wide.

Here’s to a long summer of rooftop bars, out of town guests, pool time, and farmer’s markets!

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