Zumbathon Saturday June 9

I used to do Zumba with my mom when I still lived at home and I really miss it. I don’t miss the old ladies hogging the fan at the back of the YMCA Zumba room, but I do miss the energetic workout and the time with my mom. If you’ve never done Zumba, basically it’s a cardio-intense, high impact dance class (but you don’t have to have dance experience). The music is usually modern pop, hip-hop, or Latin/reggaeton. 

My colleague is a Zumba instructor and I’ve been wanting to go try out her class for months. Luckily for me (and for you!) she and her fellow Zumba instructors occasionally offer free or reduced-price classes at local events.

This Saturday, she’ll be part of a Zumbathon benefiting the Parents of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia. Admission is free and the event is from 5:30-7:30 at the Sport & Health in the Ballston Mall. Yea, yea, it’s all the way in Ballston but that’s: a) the perfect distance away if you’re an Arlingtonian like me, and b) right next to the Ballston metro for you city folk.

If you feel like trying out Zumba, go check it out! Hope to see you there sweating it out on the dance floor 🙂

June 9 Dance Party Flyer v3_Page_1


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